Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bullying the sick

Hi Julia,
I wanted to thank you for your article "New Age Bullies". I'm a person who was poisoned by my home from mold and chemicals, and I have no doubt this can happen to anyone. I know that I did not cause or create this physical earthly illness/situation for any reason and it cuts like a knife to have someone say so. I DO believe our thoughts, feelings and internal dialogue can help or hinder our recovery, and I have given MYSELF an education that I would not change for the world. It has opened my eyes to that that really is, and clearly makes me aware of the positive and negative influences that surround me, and for that I am grateful. I am not grateful for being sick. I will keep this article with me and when someone says that I caused my situation, I will hand your article to them. I recommend another booklet, "But You Look Good", a guide to understanding and encouraging people living with chronic illness and pain.
Sincerely, C.

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